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Encyclopedia of the manga "My Messiah" by Minazuki Suu

Who is the Messiah?Edit

Watashi no Messiah-Sama, or "My Messiah", is a Japanese manga series created by Suu Mikazuki, serialized in Monthly Gangan Wing. It is the story of a student, Shinya Yumiki, who lives alone and runs an average life. Shinya doesn't get stellar grades, he's no athlete, he's a coward, he's a wimp... he's a general good-for-nothing. One day, however, he meets Haruna, a girl that could change his life forever. Haruna tells Shinya he is the Messiah, the Lord chosen to save her world and that she is his shield. Could it be true? Could Shinya's life of ineptitude be balance for this one grand cause? Is her really the Messiah? If he is, can he save himself, let alone an entire world? The series ran from 2002 to 2007, with 26 chapters. The sequel, Watashi no Kyūseishu-sama ~lacrima~, was serialized in Monthly GFantasy, with 35 chapters. The whole series has 13 volumes.

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